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Building Your CULT!


Building Your Cult is a no-holds-barred self-help book for the most politically ambitious people in the world. 

Granted, you might not want to build a cult but knowing how it’s done isn’t just a curiosity. It’s an absolute must for anyone living and working with people. The reason why is that no matter where you go people are always out to protect and promote their own interests. 

Building Your Cult will show you how to spot people with hidden ambitions so you can decide to either join, ignore or fight them.  Building Your Cult will give you the tools to master the world of politics and climb the ladder of achievement. 

You don't have to build your own cult, but you can at least find out how it's done. Find out here.

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Why building your cult is a MUST READ?

If you are building your brand, business, or rebuilding your life, Building Your Cult, by Dantalion Jones is a must read. Dantalion doesn’t just focus on “cult building” as a tactical process, he begins where it matters – with getting your inner game together. I give this book 5 solid gold stars, because Mr Jones presents what is needed in personal development, tactical structuring, and day to day work to do what it takes, to build your brand, business or rebuild your life. The Cult Building focus of the book is simply a great bonus. An absolute must read! Mr Twenty Twenty Exhostage turned professional visionary.  

Excellent and well written

This is the first book of Mr. Jones’s that I’ve read, and I will certainly be buying more. He’s truly one of the foremost (if not THE top) expert on this subject, and goes into great detail on the specifics: what make these strange organizations tick? His style here is a barrage of information, without filler. Every single page contains numerous tactics and strategies for building organizations of this nature. And he goes so far as to share one of the most subtle, insidious and powerful secrets of all, something you won’t see in any other book on the subject. Only buy this book if you’re the kind of person who actually follows through and gets things done– it’s designed to be read and used. Cults are all around us. You probably belong to more than one. What Mr. Jones is doing here is giving away the keys to the castle, and it wouldn’t surprise me to see this book taken off the market or censored because of his no-holds-barred delivery. This book would also be of great interest to cult deprogrammers and to people who have lost loved ones to cults. These organizations are on the rise and forewarned is forearmed. If I could offer one criticism, it would be that there’s just so much information here, and that he’s letting some cats out of the bag that should perhaps be better left in there. I question whether it’s such a good thing to have this information widely available because it might get into the hands of people who would abuse it. And we wouldn’t want that. Would we now?

This book will expand your thinking and effectiveness.

Imagine an “Invisible Cult” — on page 11 of this book, you’re introduced to the Invisible Cult that is “unseen or unrecognized as a cult yet it incorporates many of the aspects engendered by other cults: loyalty, an elitist attitude, a brotherly bond among its followers . . . by maintaining happy and compliant followers they avoid the scrutiny of the media and contribute to the world while its leadership silently prospers.” On page 17, the author warns of how a potential downfall “can come from excesses of self acceptance and love in the form of narcissistic egotism.” And, on page 74, the author guides you in the ways of “Personal Propaganda.” The power of author Dantalion Jones is that he has no hesitation to “tell you the unvarnished truth” (as he sees it). This book will likely make a number of people angry. But other readers will take this information and do something good — for themselves and their followers (customers, friends and others). Knowledge is potential. Action is power. Would you like more power? Get this book.

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Build your cult!

Power, Politics & People


Building Your Cult deals with the art and science of protecting and promoting your own interests, in other words it is about the politics of life. Moreover, it is about reaching that pentacle of accomplishment where you have factions of people devoted to you, your goals and ambitions. It is about making your own cult. 
Building Your Cult is divided into two parts. The first part is to explore the mind of the cult leader and even offer a few exercises that might help you with your own set of cult leader insights. With these insights you might uncover the wealth spring of power that we all control.
In this part you will learn:
b3The mind set of an effective and powerful, leader
b3How to create an image of your future that is so compelling you can call it your “Destiny”
b3How to build an incredibly positive sense of self without ever appearing narcissistic or grandiose
b3How to avoid being one of the controversial “crash and burn” cult leaders like Jim Jones and Charles Mason *How to train your mind so that you are ready to respond to anything life throws at you *How to create the feeling of unstoppability that will work for you even when you’re facing obstacles
b3You’ll learn the three qualities you can bring into your list to be more powerful and motivated … regardless of what you want to accomplish.

The second part of Building Your Cult is about the management of your cult from the microcosm of the individual recruit to the structure of your cult and going all the way to dealing with the world outside the cult.Combined, you will be given enough information to decide if this realm of power you want to exploit or if it’s enough to be merely entertained.

b3The easiest way to find your followers… and have the most fun doing it. (Why work when you can play?)

b3How to organize your “loyal list of follows” so that everything flows toward your goals and outcomes

b3You’ll learn the two simple qualities to make a workable doctrine to live by. You can apply this to yourself, your cult or both

b3You’ll learn how vital a doctrine is and be given a working doctrine to use as an example


Okay, let’s stop for a moment and take a breath.  All of this sounds very strange, “over-the-top” and even wicked so let’s put Building Your Cult into perspective.

Building Your Cult is only partly about controlling others. It’s really about giving you enough power to gain control over your life and the world around you.

When you accept that more power and control will make your life easier and more enjoyable then you can decide how far you want to take it.  To learn about that kind of power click the “Order Now” button below.  If you were to ask me if any of this information is new, I would have to be honest and  tell you yes… and no.  It’s not new in that people have been writing how-to management books for ages and some of this information has been around for a while.  What is truly new about Building Your Cult is the fact that I make no apology in show how it can be applied to the wild extreme of cult building. Is that new? You bet it is.  I’m not the information police. I not telling anyone that they should build a cult for themselves… I’m just revealing how it can be done and I’m including the information that will prevent you from being one of those crazy, wack-job cult leaders that stockpile guns and thinks their words are the word of god. 

starTruth: A SMART cult leader is never suspected of being a cult leader and I want to show you how to do it.

starTruth: A SMART cult leader doesn’t ware down and exploit their followers… and they still will remain loyal to you.

 starTruth: A SMART cult leader knows the greatest asset he has isn’t the people around him, but himself and learns to maximize that asset.  Building Your Cult will show you how to do that

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As mentioned you will get the When you order Building Your Cult
from I will send you
Free … at no cost to you, the CD The PsychoPathology of Success. This CD goes for $24.95 and is worth EVERY penny. Remember to send your receipt to and your CD and Book will be racing each other to your door. You must include to entire receipt that has your shipping address and not just the receipt number.

Final Point: What’s In It For You?

My guess is you’re not interested in building a cult, most people aren’t. But you do want to manage your time better and get support in those areas that interest you. Building Your Cult is designed to make your life MUCH easier by getting the best people within your inner circle. At the same time it’s about lighting a fire within you that makes you love what you are doing and makes people want to be around you.
Go ahead. Get the book and CD now.

Dantalion Jones

picBio Dantalion Jones is a writer, lecturer and researcher in the field of influence, persuasion, hypnosis, NLP and mind control.  His books,with images, are listed below.


Dantalion Jones FAQ Q: Why don’t you show an image of yourself? A:  A few reasons, none of them that important. For one I’d rather prove my worth from my work than from showing people my face. Another reason is to maintain a sense of mystery. It’s not like you can’t find my face somewhere on the net or figure out more about me.  Anything I can do to instill some sense of curiosity and continued interest is important.


Q: What is your next project?
A: I don’t always know what I’ll be working on next. I think some more audio programs will be in the works, particularly demonstrating the exercises I use to make my life more fun and interesting.


Q: Are you doing any workshops or lectures?
A: Yes, but rarely. I do only “closed” workshops, meaning only with people who are sincere about learning my techniques. If you don’t want what I have I won’t spend a lot of time convincing you to listen. As a result these workshops are small and intense… and rare. Most  of them you won’t find out about on the net. I’ve got a few seminars already scheduled.Click here to learn more. I am also planning on offering a training that will create an photographic (eidetic) memory in anyone. It’s still a few years out but it’s definitely in my Grand Plan.


Q: Okay, so what if I want to attend one of the “closed” workshops? What do I do.

A: Join my mailing list (below) and wait. When I have a whim to do a workshop I *WILL* let you know. When you join the list you’ll also get a free report on how scammers use mind control to take your money.